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The Uganda travel packages above have whatever it takes to create safari memories in your soul. The tours are well priced, have short driving distances and includes more necessary activities that will keep your enjoyment spark alive. Below are some of the facts you should know prior to planning your travel holiday.

Why Visit Uganda?

Uganda has abundance in so many primates, wildlife, natural attractions and so many wonders. Sir Winston Churchill termed Uganda as “The Pearl of Africa” after discovering a lot of natural beauty, something he hardly found in any other safari destination in the world. Not so many places left a mark in his heart but most of them did. Our Uganda safaris will take you to the these holiday destinations in Uganda that left marks in Churchill’s heart. This country has the source of the Nile – the longest river in the world, has the most explosive waterfalls in the world that goes by the name of Murchison Falls, is divided by the Equator line, harbors over half the world’s remaining population of Mountain Gorillas, has a very high concentration of primates, birds plus so much more. Through our Uganda safari holidays, you will get a chance to spot all these depending on how many days you have on your itinerary.

Why take on Uganda Safaris

Uganda features variety of tour activities coupled with awesome destinations that you should definitely visit. Gorilla trekking should be your primary reason to visit, followed by wildlife and mountaineering physical adventures. For wildlife viewers, Uganda is one of the countries that harbor the big five game animals hence, a perfect opportunity for you to spot the most difficult animals to hunt on foot. Kidepo Valley National Park, the third best safari park in Africa has a high concentration of diverse fauna and lies far north of Uganda. The country is relatively cheap too and greatly favors shoestring travelers but the best experiences are usually got from slumber packages. Fact is the reasons are endless and you can only see them whilst on your Uganda travel experience.

Gorilla safaris in Uganda

Uganda is one of the best and most affordable gorilla trekking destination in Africa. The huge number of Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has long attracted several tours and travel services in the Uganda tourism industry. Visiting gorillas requires one to have a gorilla permit that reportedly goes for a fee of $600 and $450 for high and low seasons in Uganda respectively. If you need a thrilling experience with these gentle giants in their natural habitats then you should consider adding Uganda to your travel bucket list.

When to travel to Uganda

The best time to organize your Uganda travel adventure is definitely during the dry months of the season. So which months are these? Any period between June to late September and December to late March should be fine. During such months, animals are out wandering on the soils of Uganda safari parks freely and in huge concentration. This is not the case with rainy season because the opposite occurs; animals tend to take shelter from the rain more often, making it hard for tourists to spot them. The best experiences are usually got in the months of June and July.

Please also note that these months are very competitive. Several facilities and services like accommodation, gorilla permits get booked out so quickly hence, you ought to book your safari several months in advance so that tentative reservations are made in time.

Why make us your Uganda safari company

Its so obvious that experience matters most! This is not the case in most cases because even the big Uganda safari companies do not get things done right in a few scenarios. So what does this have to mean? Knowledge is king. Any knowledgeable tour consultant has the capacity to craft for your a professional Uganda tour package that has more time for activities than traveling. This is something we pride ourselves in. Our team is very knowledgeable and experienced with quite strong portfolios. We are dedicated and love tourism hence, a guarantee that your safari will not only be worth your time and money but also worth a memory that hardly fades away.

Our team is fully available 24 / 7 to guide you through out your safari in Uganda. Our tour guides are very experienced and knowledgeable and will help you learn a lot of new stuff about Uganda. Magical Gorilla Adventures is fully registered and licensed to operate under the laws of Uganda. All our Uganda safaris are eco-friendly and whatever we do, we do it under the conscious of the environment. We are also affiliated to a number of Uganda travel associations and occasionally take care in communal volunteering and charity work.

Booking your Uganda tours

The very first process to booking your Uganda tours is browsing through our safari packages. We do have a couple of them above that you can peruse through. Once you are satisfied with the quote, you can go ahead and make a deposit to enable us make tentative reservations on accommodation and permits to avoid last minute interruptions. When this is done, you can consider your safari booked. Please get in touch with us below.

Why choose Magical?

We make safaris beautiful, pocket-friendly and much more enjoyable because we love them like you do.


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