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The Tanzania tours above come with standard itineraries. These holiday packages were developed to minimize on driving time and maximize of activities. They are flexible and will let you visit destinations within a certain proximity. That way you are able to spend more time carrying out activities than actually travelling. This country is apparently the biggest in East Africa and could call for long distance rides if the packages are not designed well. Our holiday tours were designed with this in mind. If you prefer a camping safari, we have such options included in our packages. Below are some of the facts you need to know about the Bongo nation.

Why visit Tanzania?

Being home to Africa’s highest point – Mount Kilimanjaro and high concentration of wildlife, Tanzania is worth visiting. The main activities in this country include wildlife viewing and mountaineering and maybe holidays in Zanzibar. The country has seven of the world heritage sites and these include: Kilimanjaro National Park, Serengeti National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Stone Town of Zanzibar, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Kondoa Rock-Art Sites and Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Ruins of Songo Mnara. Ngorongoro, one of the area with the highest concentration of wildlife is apparently the largest unflooded and unbroken volcano caldera in the whole world. The annual wildebeest migration that takes place in Serengeti is another dramatic display of wildlife behavior that you should witness.

40 kilometers off Dar es Salaam on the mainland coast of Tanzania lies the islands of Unguja, Pemba and Mafia. These three islands make up Zanzibar – one of the finest destinations for honeymoons and beach holidays in Africa. Lake Natron – A mineral rich soda lake situated far north of the country is a place where you will see animals and a few birds turn into statues. When you visit Tanzania for a holiday, you should try to include some of these nice places in your packages.

Best time to go on Tanzania safaris

The best wildlife and mountain climbing safari experiences are got during the dry months of the year. This means you should schedule your safari for such months. The driest season begins in June and stretches till late October. A drier one starts in December and goes on till late February. Travelling during such months will some how guarantee you the best weather condition. You will see huge herds of wildlife because they roam freely around Tanzania national parks and other protected areas. This is not the case with the wet season because these animals tend to take shelter from the rain, which makes it hard to spot them. And even if you spotted them, they will not be as much as they would have been during a dry day.

Much as visiting during the dry months is recommended, this is Africa. This country is an all year holiday destination. If you visited during the wet months, rain could soak the soil but the sun will suddenly come out to dry it and life moves on.

What to do on your holiday

As mentioned earlier, there is lots to do on Tanzania safaris. You should maximize on the time you spend with wildlife or if rather climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, make the most of the experience. You could also visit Zanzibar and engage is a few water-sport activities, experience the best beach holidays or take sights of the heritage sites within. You could go Chimpanzee trekking in Gombe National Park or watch a live wildlife movie during the great wildebeest migration. The Tanzania safari packages above come prepackaged with awesome activities. Choose one that matches your budget and preference.

Budget or luxury Tanzania tours?

Having the best safaris in Tanzania means going luxury. Your accommodation facility is always the last place you will get to when your day end hence, contributes a lot. When you are not comfortable with your lodge, you will always wake up frustrated. This feeling isn’t good either. Whether you plan to go camping in Tanzania even during small group tours, ensure that your accommodation is comfortable. It does not really have to be so expensive so long as it gives you a good level of comfort. Tanzania luxury tours reward a much more comfortable experience. If you can afford, go for it. Budget travel offers equally good holiday experiences if only you plan it all right.

Essential Tanzania Travel Advice

When to plan to visit a country for a holiday, you have to know the essentials and probably some precautions to take. You should not seek help from Tour operators immediately. There are so many portals online that should help you find such information. Avoid travelling without reading or knowing some information about safaris else your experience might be hard. You can read some of the essential travel advice here.

Booking your safari

When you confirm with your safari package, go ahead and inquire with an operator. They should get back to you with an updated itinerary including availability for some activities or facilities. When this is done, you can then book your safari by remitting a 50% or full payment depending on what you can afford. This money is used to make tentative reservations on accommodation facilities so that your dates are fixed. When you accomplish this, you can now sit back and relax and you wait for set off. If you need to know more information regarding Tanzania holidays, please feel free to contact us otherwise, we are more than ready to introduce you to this top wildlife destination.

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