Kenya Safaris

Above are some of the best Kenya safari tours you can choose from as your plan your next trip. Those packages are crafted for affordability from experience and guarantee you less driving hours with more hours for activities. Let us introduce you to magical Kenya and create everlasting tour memories in your soul. Below are some of the facts about Kenya tours that you should know.

Why go on Kenya Safaris

Your primary reason for visiting Kenya should be wildlife viewing. Kenya’s Masai Mara was named the best destination for game viewing safaris by Cable News Network (CNN) in the year 2013. Kenya is also one of the few African countries where the great wildebeest migration happens every year. The parks of Tsavo, Lake Nakutu, Nairobi, Samburu and more have high concentrations of wildlife. Far east of Kenya is the Mombasa beaches. These beaches are right at the shores of Indian ocean and offer extreme relaxation to tourists especially those on luxury Kenya safari holidays.

Choosing the best Kenya tours

If you are looking to have the best safari in Kenya then you ought to highlight the best destinations as well. Some destinations are visited more and for a reason. Band wagon can sometimes create for you an unforgettable experience hence, you should not decline going with what others are going with. As said previously, the best game watching adventures are got from Masai Mara National Reserve, more reason as to why you should include it in your package at all costs. The best Kenya safaris feature most the activities you want to carry out. They should also match your schedule and budget. Feel free to go for anything within that radar. Please go through the Kenya holiday packages above for detailed day to day activities.

Wildlife Safaris in Kenia

For a pure African experience of wildlife viewing, you should consider Kenya at all odds. A Kenya tour will reward you lots of wildlife sightings in almost every destination you will visit. The country has so many lions and cheetahs. Did you know that Cheetahs are faster than Ferrari cars? These mammals can reach a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour, making them faster than Ferrari cars by 0.02 seconds.

Tsavo National Park has one of the highest concentration of wildlife in the whole world. This part was split into Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park. Other great places for wildlife viewing in Kenya include Samburu Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Nairobi National Park and more.

The Great Wildebeest Migration

The great wildebeest migration is a stunning display of wildlife behavior. Masai Mara National Reserve is apparently the most popular spot for the wildebeest migration because of its Mara River crossings. This alone has caused a lot of false impression about the migration itself. Kenyans say the migration begins from Masai Mara where as Tanzanians claim it begins from Serengeti. So many wildlife species migrate through out the year within the Serengeti ecosystem. This area is made up of Masai Mara National Reserve in the north and Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ndutu and Maswa Game Reserve in the south. Other areas that make up the east, west and central are Grumeti Reserve, Serengeti National Park, Loliondo, Kusini along with other protected areas. The migration involves over nine hundred thousand wildebeests. These animals move in search of water and pasture when supplies are depleted from one area. The do or die movement involves crossing a crocodile infested river and beating an ambush of hungry big cats on the other end. Our Kenya safaris will let you enjoy the migration at an affordable price.

Budget safaris or luxury safaris?

Taking on a budget safari in Kenya can still turn out nice. A luxury spice would be ideal too. So many lodges offer extremely comfortable accommodation facilities and amenities that match a luxury experience. Adding this spice to your Kenya safaris will double your fun. Never hesitate to spend much if your tour is going to be more fun.

When to go on Kenya safari holidays

The best condition every wildlife destination yearns for is the dry season. The same goes to Kenia as well and you should plan your visit for the dry months of the year. The driest season of Kenya starts in June till October. The months of January and February are equally dry but have partial rainfall. They can be unpredictable at times. Wildebeests migrate to Masai Mara in July and return to Serengeti in October.

Kenya is an all year wildlife viewing destination depending on which parks you visit.

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