Congo Safaris

The Congo travel packages above highlight some of the best places to visit for a tour. The tours are crafted for affordability, adventure and discovery. If interested, please make your reservations several months in advance so as to allow smooth planning. The same goes to Congo Visa application as well. All these tours begin and end in Rwanda.

Why go on a Congo safari

Leave alone the surrounding East African countries, Congo is a great destination of its own. The safari experience there is still virgin and not so many have carried them out. The main attraction is gorillas and Mount Nyiragongo, which should be your main reason to going on Congo safaris. So many tourists are travelling to Congo nowadays since the double increment on Rwanda gorilla permits that saw prices rise to $1500 each. A trekking permit for Congo costs as less as $450 all year round. Virunga National Park is not so far away from Rwanda either which makes it possible to begin and end your safari from Rwanda.

Please also note that a climb to Nyiragongo – the world’s most dangerous active volcano is an experience you can not forget easily.

How safe are Congo safaris

Congo safaris are very safe to undertake. The country has always been known for insecurity because of the rebel groups that seek refuge on their land. This is not the case nowadays and the parks are very safe to visit. They are under the protection of several game rangers too. The most unsafe place in Congo is the Ituri Forest, a spot where rebel groups camp from. The national parks that you visit are far away from this forest and are very secure.

Best time to go on Congo tours

Weather is almost everything when it comes to tours and travel. A bad weather can easily ruin your day by keeping you indoors through out the day and making you miss safari activities. No one would wish for this! You have to know the best time to go on Congo tours so as to help you schedule your safari for the months with the best weather. The shortest dry season of Congo runs from January to February where as the long one spans from May to September.

Destinations like Odzala National Park receive about 1500mm of rainfall annually. Visiting during the dry months will let you travel smoothly on roads and carry out so many activities without any delay. We recommend you schedule your Congo safaris for the driest months of the year if possible. You can also visit during the wet months for a diverse experience.

How much is a safari in Congo

If i am to make comparisons with the East African tour destinations, Congo safaris are undoubtedly the cheapest of all. Their gorilla trekking permit is very affordable, costing a fee of $450. You will only spend that much on accommodation because they are few and competition is high. If you are a budget gorilla trekker then you should consider carrying out your gorilla tours from Congo.

What to do during your Congo travel holiday

There is not so much to do in Congo considering the distance and the security concerns. The main holiday activities you should consider doing during your travel holiday include; Mountain Gorilla tracking, Lowland Gorilla tracking and Mount Nyiragongo Hike.

Please check out some of our Congo travel packages above to get started.

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